Business Formations and Settlements

For our specialists, commercial law is not a closed book. With the legal professionals and tax professionals at MAF Zurich Consulting Group, all aspects are considered in the specialized areas of law, taxation or social insurance. During the last three years, our company was permitted to successfully accompany the formation of more than 600 companies... a competent and sustainable partner is vital to the start-up phase.


►  Formation of a Company

A business formation involves many areas. Taxation, legal, personnel as well as financial points of view are only a few of the compelling facts to be considered. Additionally, a strong partner is essential for the small company as well as for the large-scale corporation. The interdisciplinary teams of MAF accompany you through the start-up phase.

►  Company Settlements
  ►  Company Restructuring

With company settlements, important tax and legal components are to be observed. Wrong decisions can have serious consequences.


Depending on the backdrop of a restructuring, high tax burdens can fall upon the holders. Every step should be precisely planned.    

 ►  Information

Which legal structure is the right one? Which insurances are mandatory? What wages, bonuses and dividends should be paid out? How must the bookkeeping be structured? Does a foreign office worker need a work permit? These and many other questions arise with the formation of a company. Our consultants support you in all areas.